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Dazzling Divine Games

We recently started developing several games. While our main focus is PC, we also plan to optimize our games for android as well.


Experience an epic journey across utterly mutated yet picturesque world caused by a fallen meteorite that released unknown toxins to the atmosphere. In this new age, humans have become zombies and once again, dinosaurs roam the earth. Giant mushrooms and massive creatures are sights to behold.

Aftertime Landscape v2.jpg


Apocalive is a third-person wave based zombie shooter, which comes with several different maps. Collect guns, ammo, health packs and use grenades and shoot at explosive barrels to stop the upcoming hordes. Use your rolling, flipping skills to confuse zombies and avoid their attacks.

Source of Survival

This is a survival game where the player is stranded in an island full of zombies and prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs.

cap_Source_of_survival 2021.09.25 -
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